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Tour of the UFC Performance Institute

The UFC just built the most extensive training facility that we’ve seen for mixed martial artists.  The facility is world class, the staff is to notch and the results will speak for themselves.   Needless to say, these guys are going to pave the way for physical preparation for mma fighters.


Combat Periodization: Proper Programming for MMA Strength & Conditioning

Structure in this sport is key, the same goes for all things in life. The key to this article is simply evaluate, identify, indicate, formulate, and execute. This is the process at which all programs must be structured around.

Optimizing Power for MMA

Power for mma is a critical component of mixed martial arts (MMA) performance. Power underpins many of the most common techniques in MMA, from shooting for a takedown, launching a head kick, or exploding into a fight-ending punch, the use of force at high velocities (power) will determine the effectiveness of skills in the cage.