Top 6 Kettlebell Movements for a Stronger, Bigger Fighter

Here are 6 exercises with kettlebells that will help you become a stronger, bigger fighter. Kettlebell movements to help you build muscle and develop strength


Glute Training for MMA: 5 Exercises to Develop More Stability, Strength and Power with Your Hips

The glutes are an incredibly powerful group of muscles, yet they’re often neglected in standard strength training programs.  MMA is a highly versatile sport, and the glutes are heavily activated in most important actions in an MMA. The glutes contract forcefully when standing up and striking, during take downs and throws, and even with escapes and submissions. As you can see, it is advantageous for a fighter to possess strong, powerful, and well-conditioned glutes. Why should you worry about your glutes? The gluteus maximus produces four distinct actions: hip extension, hip external rotation, hip abduction, and posterior pelvic tilt. This makes it highly specialized to produce, absorb, and transfer force in all three planes of movement. The gluteus maximus is also the largest muscle in the human body and has the potential to produce the greatest force in both hip extension in the sagittal plane as well as rotational force through the transverse plane.  While MMA hasn’t been exte

Healthy Food for Fighters: Simple Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

One of the most overlooked or under appreciated aspects of training is nutrition. I m not sure if its because of our emotional attachment to it, habits or people s unwillingness to prepare it, but eating good quality foods can make a huge impact on your health and performance. START HERE: Download Our FREE Grocery List Benefits of eating healthy: Increased Energy Lower Your Body Fat Increase Muscle Mass Speed Recovery between Workouts Improved Sleep Shopping instead of dining out can save us $ and more. Below you will find some ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that hopefully inspire you to add some better foods to your daily intake. Start Your Day Off Right Breakfast Basics When an athlete sleeps, their metabolism slows down to restore the body. Eating breakfast kick starts metabolism and fuels the body and brain especially if you have an early morning workout. Food is fuel.  After a night of sleep, an athlete’s gas tank is empty, which can cause the morning sluggish and tire

Strength and Conditioning for Fighters