Dr Andy Galpin is Paving the Way for Research and Testing for MMA Athletes

Dr Andy Galpin is a professor and research doctor at Cal State Fullteron and is helping some of the best MMA fighters improve their performance.


Teaching the Power Clean for Athletes

by Loren Landow Step 1: Deadpull The deadpull is a great exercise to teach proper pulling position both in the deadlift and the clean from the floor. Keep the abs braced, arms locked, and spine welded tight. Drive the heels into the ground and stand up, with the shoulders and hips rising simultaneously and pausing just below knee level to reinforce proper position.

A Simple Guide to Mason Jar Meals

Its time to grow up and ditch the drive thru Athletes are always on the go and need to stay organized, if they want to keep their nutrition on track. But most of the time, people avoid it because shopping, prep and planning meals can be overwhelming. One of the easiest ways we have found to organize and travel with healthy meals is to use mason jars. These allow you to create healthy, on-the-go meals, without much prep time or cooking. Also, by layering the ingredients, your food stays fresh and doesn t wilt or spoil as quickly.  Whip em up, bring em to work or practice, store em in the fridge and stay on track. Here are the basic steps to creating mason jar salads: Step 1: Add Dressing Step 2: Add hearty vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, celery, carrots, peppers, or similar. Step3: Add less hearty vegetables, like beans and other less hearty vegetables like mushrooms, zucchini, sprouts, green beans, corn etc. Step 4: Add pasta, rice,

Strength and Conditioning for Fighters