Adjust the Tempo of Your Lifts… Understanding the Benefits of Eccentric Training for Combat Athletes

Every dynamic movement begins with an eccentric muscle action. Counter movement or pre-loading are paramount to force production in athletes. Put simply the yielding of a muscle, preloads and stores kinetic energy that can then be used explosively. The bigger the boat the bigger the gun! The other benefit for combat athletes is structural changes that aid force absorption in a collision capacity.


How To Create The Perfect Meal

One of the most frequent questions that we get, is about cooking, preparing and eating the right foods. Busy schedules, lack of knowledge or just plain laziness keeps most of us from preparing good meals. The infographic below, is one of the most simple tutorials on making good, quality food that will help you lose body fat, drop a few lbs, make weight and perform at your best.

MMA Nutrition Tips When Athletes Are Training Twice-a-Day

Multiple training sessions per day is not out of the norm when it comes to the sport of any form of martial arts. MMA is a mixed energy system demand sport that requires you not only be incredibly skillful with your movement, but also be powerful, strong, conditioned, fast and agile.

Strength and Conditioning for Fighters