Building a Stronger Neck: 3 Neck Exercises for Fighters

The neck is often neglected. As a fighter, having a strong neck is can help you become stronger, as well as prevent injury.  As many of you know, wrestling, rolling, scrambling and fighting puts a lot of stress on our head, neck and shoulders.  Increasing the strength of this area can yield HUGE benefits on the mat and in the cage. In the following video, Max Shank walks us through a few exercises to strengthen our neck. While similar to the wrestler s neck bridge, using a physio ball adds more range of motion and movement in multiple planes. This added level of complexity can help bullet proof our neck from multiple angles, hence making us strong and protected from a variety of positions we encounter on the mat or in the cage. Enjoy! #fightcampconditioning

Strong for Your Size: Bodyweight Training with Al Kavadlo

Relative strength is how strong you are for your size. A person’s ability to control or move their body is vital trait in athletics. Push Ups, Pull Ups, Tumbling, Crawling, Climbing and many other exercises can help us improve our relative strength. In the following videos Al Kavadlo walks us through some advanced progressions for building strength using our bodyweight. Perfect for martial arts schools, wrestling teams and more One Arm Pushup Back Bridge Exercises Muscle Up Tutorial Pistol Squat Progression Want to learn more about bodyweight training? When people ask me about bodyweight strength training, I point them to Al Kavadlo. Pushing the Limits! is a must-have for bodyweight training enthusiasts or anyone looking to build strength without lifting weights. Al lays out dozens of effective exercises for every fitness level, while making the journey fun and encouraging. —MARK SISSON, author of The Primal Blueprint In this awesome new book, Al only asks that you find ONE piece

Strength and Conditioning for Fighters