Fitnex Footwork: 7 Drills to Activate Your Feet, Stabilize Your Ankles, and Improve Your Athleticism

by Aaron Gonzalez Last week, Aaron Gonzalez, owner of Fitnex Training Lab, allowed us to shadow a session with Kevin King Casey. Kevin is a UFC veteran and is currently training for his upcoming Metamoris match, November 22nd. The following videos showcase some of the unique drills that Aaron uses to activate the feet, build stability, increase range of motion, teach body awareness, control and improve the timing with his athletes. Why are we addressing the feet? Check out this video from Gavin Macmillan, founder of Sports Science Labs: 7 Drills to Stabilize, Strengthen and Improve Athleticism If you ve ever had issues with your feet, ankles, knees or hips, these might be very beneficial. 1. Single Leg Balance with Catch 2. Pivot and Bounce 3. Foot Rolls, Toes Out 4. Foot Rolls, Toes In 5. Foot Rolls FWD/BCK 6. Ladder Drill In and out 7. Ladder Drill In and Out w/ Hands Aaron Gonzales is the founder of Fitnex in Lawndale, CA. He works with some of the best fighters and grapplers in th


Road Work, Kettlebells and Sprints: Good or Bad for Fighters?

by Mike Perry I hear these questions all the time: What do you think about running for fighters? Me: It depends Do you use kettlebells with your fighters? Me: It depends Are wind sprints, suicides, shuttle runs etc. good for conditioning? Me: It depends I am not trying to sound like a jerk answering these questions this way, but it really does depend on the athlete. I need to know so much more about the athlete(s) in question before I give you an accurate and “safe” answer to any of the above questions about training fighters. By “safe,” I mean that the exercise cannot injure an athlete. Put it this way, if my athlete rolls his ankle while changing direction in a fatigued fashion, it’s on me. Sure accidents happen, but as coaches, we need to “do no harm” and make sure our athletes are training as safely and effectively as possible. So, what exactly do I need to know in order to answer whether running, kettlebells, wind sprints, suicides, etc. are good for fighters? Runni

MMA Strength and Conditioning Q&A: Coaches Answer Common Questions About Working Out, Exercise and Preparing for Competition

Some of our fans recently submitted their questions about strength, conditioning and how to best prepare for a fight or competition. What are the best exercises to increase an athletes muscular endurance (an athlete already in shape) during sports performance? Mike Perry, MMA Fight Prep answered, As far as muscular endurance goes, a sled push/drag for time works very well for the lower body. There in minimal eccentric load which is great for minimizing DOMS. The only downfall might be loading on the calf/achilles, be sure to start with light weight then progress slowly. For upper body, battling rope slams are great for localized endurance in the delts, biceps and upper back. Again, watch volume on this, they may be getting plenty of this doing mitt work. Corey Beasley, Innovative Results added, The phrase an athlete already in shape is a huge grey area.  Until we can assess the athlete to determine their aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, watch them move and ask questions about t

Strength and Conditioning for Fighters