Bodyweight Training for Fighters: An Interview with Calisthenics Expert, Al Kavadlo

Body weight training is a hot topic these days. Instagram and Youtube is full of guys doing crazy muscle ups, pistols, handstands and more. You ve probably seen these guys on the beach, playgrounds and at trade shows around the country. The Best Part: No Equipment Needed! This week, we tracked down calisthenics expert, Al Kavadlo and picked his brain about body weight training. Download the full interview here: Body weight Training for Fighters In this interview, we discuss Body weight and calisthenics training Body weight progressions Body weight vs traditional weight lifting Getting strong using calisthenics Where to perform these exercises The benefits of body weight exercises Pillars of body weight training Incorporating into your workouts and much more. Al Kavadlo is a body weight training expert from New York City.  He has published multiple books, including Raising the Bar, Stretching Your Boundaries and Pushing the Limits.  Al also created a body weight training workshop tha


Diaphragmatic Breathing Drill for Fighters, BJJ, Lifting and Recovery

by William Wayland Anyone that has trained for awhile, understands the importance of breathing. Proper breathing patterns can Reduce stress Reduce blood pressure Strengthen abdominal wall Relieve of general body aches and pains. Promote better blood flow, Release toxins from the body Aids in healthy sleep. Bottom line:  These benefits result in an increased energy level, better cardio and increased strength. In this short video, strength coach, William Wayland walks us through a simple drill to re=program our breathing patterns to improve performance in the gym, on the mat and in the cage. William Wayland is a strength coach and owner of Powering Through in Chelmsford, Essex, UK. Striving for performance that can be measured in success on the field, on the court, in the ring or in the cage. William works with Olympians, UFC fighters and other high level athletes.

Strength and Conditioning for Fighters