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Healthy Food for Fighters: Simple Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

One of the most overlooked or under appreciated aspects of training is nutrition. I m not sure if its because of our emotional attachment to it, habits or people s unwillingness to prepare it, but eating good quality foods can make a huge impact on your health and performance. START HERE: Download Our FREE Grocery List Benefits of eating healthy: Increased Energy Lower Your Body Fat Increase Muscle Mass Speed Recovery between Workouts Improved Sleep Shopping instead of dining out can save us $ and more. Below you will find some ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that hopefully inspire you to add some better foods to your daily intake. Start Your Day Off Right Breakfast Basics When an athlete sleeps, their metabolism slows down to restore the body. Eating breakfast kick starts metabolism and fuels the body and brain especially if you have an early morning workout. Food is fuel.  After a night of sleep, an athlete’s gas tank is empty, which can cause the morning sluggish and tire


How to Peak for Competition Part 1: Are You Healthy?

These days everybody is training hard Some athletes run, lift, and do up to 2-3 skill sessions per day. But randomly going through tough workouts is a recipe for disaster, so you must develop a plan but where do you start? START HERE: Download How to Peak for Competition This FREE pdf can help coaches and athletes assess their current ability level and then prioritize their training to fit their individual needs. Rule #1 Skill training is the priority. Your focus should be on improving your skill set for your sport. The rest of your training should compliment your skill sessions, keep you healthy and help you become a better athlete. The following drills will help you determine what type of workouts you need to focus on to improve your performance. PART 1: ARE YOU HEALTHY? Do you have any injuries or ailments that are keeping you from practicing?  Achy knees, rolled ankle, low back pain, bum shoulders, tweaked wrists or similar can sideline us, if we don t address them.  If you do h

Stay Healthy and Pain Free Using These “Fighters Dozen” Warm Up and Pre-Hab Drills

Most of us avoid warm ups and corrective work. When you re healthy, it may seem like a waste of time. But, when you are injured, you ll do just about anything to get pain free and back to training. The main purpose of warming up, doing mobility work and corrective type exercise is so we can avoid injury, heal up our weak links and perform at a higher level. In the following video, coach Matt Gifford, walks us through his Fighter s Dozen. 12 Drills that he uses to keep his fighters healthy. TUF Season 20 strength coach Matt Gifford is joined by Dustin Ortiz and Sergio Pettis on set in Vegas after a Team Pettis workout. Movement, injury reduction, recovery! Soft Tissue Work: Lat Line, Pec Minor, IT Band, Glute/Piriformis (:30 seconds to 2:00 minutes) *Benefit: Improved myofascial tissue quality, gateway to mobility, neuromuscular efficiency, and recovery. Ground Based Mobility: Thoracic Spine Archback, Cat/ Cow , Thread the needle, Lateral Hip Drop, Internal Knee to Knee stretch (8 to 1