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The 5 Rules for Improving Pull-up Strength for Wrestling

If there is any exercise I see missing from the majority of wrestling ‘strength’ programs, it’s pull-ups. When we’re talking about strength for wrestling, pulling would be at the top of the list.


Strength and Conditioning for Wrestlers: Episode #76 with Coach Carmen Bott

Wrestlers are some of the toughest athletes on the planet and require a unique approach strength and conditioning. In today’s podcast, we talk with strength coach and professor, Carmen Bott, and discuss how she approaches working with her combat athletes.

Grip Strength Circuit for Fighters and Grapplers

Coach PJ’s grip circuit that he uses with his fighters and grapplers. This circuit uses a variety of grips to challenge the forearm and hands in different ways. It will, not only build strength, but will also challenge the endurance of your grip, so you train your hands to last throughout the duration of your fight or match.