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Get Out of the Gym

Some practitioners spend up to 4-6 hours training everyday.  This can take a toll on our bodies and minds, not to mention all of the other stress and stimulation we get from life, our phones, tv, etc.   In order to offset this stress, its important to find an outlet.


Coach’s Tips: Planning Out Your Weekly Training Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes I see when I first start working with a fighter is planning out their weekly training schedule and almost every single fighter I’ve worked with has made the same mistake until they have somebody who kind of helps them understand how to lay these practices out and structure everything properly.

Grip Strength Training for Fighters and Grapplers

Coach PJ’s grip strength circuit that he uses with his fighters and grapplers. This circuit uses a variety of grips to challenge the forearm and hands in different ways. It will, not only build strength, but will also challenge the endurance of your grip, so you train your hands to last throughout the duration of your fight or match.