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Concurrent Training: Developing Strength and Endurance at the Same Time?

Concurrent training is defined by using resistance and endurance training within the same training program. For example, if you do a skill practice, lift weights and go for a run, then repeat these efforts throughout the week, you are training concurrently.

Q & A with the Coaches: Barefoot Training

Barefoot training is a hot topic these days, but should athletes be incorporating this type of training?  If so, what should they do? How often? And how should they progress to systematically develop the foot and ankle?  These are all questions that people should be asking when thinking about any new exercise, but especially with the foot.

Coach’s Tips: Planning Out Your Weekly Training Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes I see when I first start working with a fighter is planning out their weekly training schedule and almost every single fighter I’ve worked with has made the same mistake until they have somebody who kind of helps them understand how to lay these practices out and structure everything properly.